for each age is a dream that is dying,

or one that is coming to birth

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“everyone is equal. we’re all human. stop being so mean” said the privileged person who never experienced inequality and has no basis for their feel good claims of equality and peace other than some slightly left of center politics and social conditioning from the people in charge who fear change.

I am really annoyed that statements like “we’re all human” have been co-opted and twisted by people who use them to ignore and dismiss systemic inequality, oppression, and marginalized identities

because “we’re all human” is an excellent sentiment if you take it at face value, yet these people have convoluted it to mean “everyone assimilate to the dominant paradigm, your individual circumstances don’t matter!” etc etc and that is the exact opposite of what “we’re all human” actually means

it upsets me because I think it is important to stress that people are people are people, everyone is a person, including their differences rather than in spite of them, but there’s almost no way to express this fact anymore without running into the linguistic barrier erected by people who imagine the world as a giant happy cheeseball

also I don’t like it when people are mean. and I believe people who would use “we’re all human” as a smokescreen to promote their narrow, bigoted definitions of “human” are mean in the truest sense of the word.

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